Sunday, 30 October 2016

The Happiest Moment of My Life

I sat down on the corner of the classroom with two sheets of paper.Staring out through the window I was thinking about the happiest moment of my life.Without creating the happiest moment,my mind flew out to watch my little life on this earth,in the last 17 years! Was it little time? Or I just exaggerated those 6205 days as 'little'.I started writing telling briefly about my family background, "born to middle class nuclear family,I was brought up by providing a good moral and educational support by my parents up to the age of 12.My parents were my world.My Appa and Amma, I would have died for them!!!"
                                                         But then too, I really doubted for what I was writing this for?Where is the happiest moment? I thought in my mind,when I sneaked at my friends' paper I saw them writing something seriously.Everyone had different different expressions on their faces.Some would have cried out loud, engulfing themselves in their stories.
                                                      But me,sitting with a blue ball point pen,with a laugh in my mind thought"why did my 'genes' not get the talent of writing"?
I continued"After the age of 13 I was changed into a completely different person I got angry when my Appa advised me and I was mad when my Amma scolded me. The only place for happiness was my school." I stopped. I made a little pause, Am coming to the point that I haven't got any happiness in my home. Mind totally pricked,my mood for writing further more escaped into the woods. I dropped my blue lexi pen to the bench and started swimming into the vast ocean of sweet memories. At that time I realized my Appa and Amma was no more with me.And it was my fault.
                                                      Addicted to panparag and cocaine at the age of 16, I left my home discarding my parents into a large lake of despair. If God have decided to change our destiny,no matter how hard we try not to change it,it will definitely happen.Someone like an angel sent by God happened to be a part of my life which entirely changed my destiny. Lakshmiyamma was that angel.She told me about that story- which I don't want to take out once again-which took me into a condition of total depression regretting my deeds. Holding my hands with her lean fingers she held me to this school and admitted me here in this special school.
                                                    My ego did not allow me to go back to my parents,more than ego,it was my inhibition to face them.But now I regret For not doing so.I was their only son, I was their life...I got up and took my pen with great courage! I held my pen strongly in my hands. At least in this story, I should be able to change my life...
                                                  So I started writing again: "But unhealthy friendship turned my life upside down. I got addicted to drinks and other alcohol products( I didn't mention drugs cause I thought my impression among teachers would go!!!)and left home.But last week I went back my home.I saw my parents crying in despair and deciding to end their life in a small bottle...HOPELESS...they were....I went inside and hugged them tightly.I was blessed and was completely blessed.They looked at me with their wet eyes and held me warmly with their hands!This was my happiest moment."
                                                  I cried a lot keeping my face on the bench and throwing my pen through the window.I realized that now I could not take it as the happiest moment since my Appa and Amma ended their life in a small bottle...I was dumbstruck. For what should I live now?? For whom should I live now??